Three Factors That Will Decide How Long You'll Live

We hope you lived deliciously this summer. We're excited to get our full schedule and emails going again this month, with no less than seven workshops and programs in September alone!

Today, we want to talk about three factors that will determine how long and how healthy you'll live. In short, they are...

  • #3 - Lifestyle (your eating and exercise habits)

  • #2 - Genetics (how much you want to thank or get angry at your ancestors)

  • #1 - Relationships (yes, lonely people die early)

The famed neuroscientist, Jaak Panksepp, believes humans need bonding and connection as much as they need oxygen. People who maintain relationships with friends and family are happier than those who isolate themselves. People who go to church on a regular basis will live longer than those who don't.

How much you serve and are invested in other people is another huge indicator. We joke that we take care of people who take care of other people. A lot of our members are teachers, social workers, doctors, nurses, and EMTs. And others, such as writers, artists, editors, and designers need to keep their creative juice flowing through exercise.

That's a huge the reason for why we created BOMB and specifically a group environment.

You can do push-ups at home in your basement. You can throw in your air pods, turn the music up to 11, and work out at an LA Fitness or Goodlife. That's amazing and you can see results, but you can get all that and so much more in a group setting.

A member recently mentioned that "while there's no pressure to make a new best friend in every class, it's cool to be part of a group that's working hard towards their own individual goals. The energy you get from that pushes me more than I ever could on my own."

When you connect with people - smile, high-five, notice their body language - it releases pleasure and antidepressant hormones, like endorphins and serotonin.

That's something you cannot get from a virtual high-five, a Facebook Like, a crying-with-laughter emoji, or a Whatsapp GIF parade.

It's something you can only get live and in person.

The robots are coming and they want us to hide in our semi's ordering Uber Eats, shit we don't need from Amazon, and communicating with our friends solely through digital devices.

It will make us miserable and we'll die early and lonely and the only way to stop it and save the world is to... come to Bootcamp?! Well, okay, at least it's a start.

P.S. A lot of this info comes from The Algebra of Happiness - it's a great, short read.

P.P.S. The Transformation Challenge begins on Monday, September 16th 2019 for 30 days and is back with a brand new look.

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💥 The best nutrition habits to make eating healthier a lot easier.
💥 How to work your hardest no matter your fitness level.
💥 How to sustain your exercise and nutrition habits outside of a short-term challenge.

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