How to Teach Your Kid to Be a Conscious Consumer

When kids come to camp, we always stress the importance of bringing literless lunches and using re-usable items for food and drinks. Here are some tips for getting your kids to become responsible, and informed consumers.

Involve them in your daily meal prepping

Kids will never cease to ask questions and inquire about things on a daily basis. I can’t count the number of times a kid has asked “but why?” to almost every answer I have given until I have completely run out of explanations.

Kids are always wanting to be involved in things, and learn new information. By getting them to help out with planning their own meals, and letting them see how easy it is to plan ahead of time, they’ll hopefully start thinking about the future rather than only the present moment. This can help them in many areas of their life, especially where time management is necessary.

Make trips to the supermarket informative

When I was a kid, going to the supermarket with my mom was the highlight of my week. With so many possible items to grab, see, eat, and buy, I felt like I was in a dream! Kids will often want to be involved in going to the grocery store, so why not take that opportunity to teach them about the importance of healthy choices.

When selecting items, you can explain why it is that you chose that over another, what the importance of buying locally is, why its important to stay away from plastic as much as possible, and how our body readily accepts fresh, non-GMO types of food over processed goods.

Kids are often extremely good at telling the blunt truth in any situation, so they are more likely to accept reasons for choosing local, healthy, and sustainable products. This is also not to say that you can never buy them a treat here and there (we all love some treats), but as long as they get the whole concept, they can begin to make healthy choices as they get older and more in control of their own food choices.

So, when you’re making your kids lunches for camp or school, and when you go to the market to buy your items for the week/month, include your kids! They will benefit from it more than you may think, and maybe it will help you make better choices – kids always tend to hold us accountable for the things we say.

Stay informed, and spread the health!

Fit Kids Manager

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