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Kevin & Victoria, owners of BOMB Fitness here. For over seven years we’ve been helping busy Toronto parents and professionals overcome some common problems you may be struggling with, such as…

  • Constant low energy and tiredness, where you feel like you never have time to pack everything in.

  • You’re on the fast track to your 40’s or 50’s and feel like you’ve let yourself go, and that’s hit your confidence square-in-the-kisser.

  • You snap at your kids too quick and struggle to parent well after working long hours on little sleep.

Before we go on, we have to say just because you feel like shit does not make you less of a person. Someone who consistently works out and eats avocado toast does not make them a better person than you. Got it?! Okay, let’s move on.

We’ve helped people overcome all of these obstacles in a number of ways but most importantly through…

Compassionate Coaching - “They give a shit, and it shows.” was one member’s comment about our coaches and so we’ll run with that! Our coaches collective superpower is connecting with you - knowing your name, developing a vibe and really wanting you to do well. Most of our coaches have kids or went through their own amazing transformation so they understand how tough living a healthy life can be.

BOMB coaches picking up the award for Best Gym/Fitness Club in Toronto. Winners in 2018 & 2017!

BOMB coaches picking up the award for Best Gym/Fitness Club in Toronto. Winners in 2018 & 2017!

Attention & Motivation - From building that connection we can provide you with the attention and motivation you need. Our approach to motivation is different than most places - you won’t find a lot of the coaches shouting and screaming generic Instagram quotes at you. Our M.O. is to create an inclusive environment and coach you savagely well so that you will build your own intrinsic motivation and maybe not need us any more.

Kind of like the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker. Except the part where Yoda dies. If you no longer need us we’d still love to keep living for a little bit longer if that’s okay with you. Thanks.

Efficient Training & Results

Most of our group training for fat loss is based on metabolic resistance training designed to get the most bang-for-your-buck in the least amount of time. Our private training is solely focused on you - with your own program, based on your own needs, schedule and with the ability to train one-on-one or in a small group. And finally our Fit Kids after school programming is based on long-term athletic development, influencing the way they will look at themselves forever… and yes, a whole lot of fun too!

However, results are the most important thing. We can have the best members, atmosphere and training plans in the world but if we don't help you get results then we're not doing our job. Scroll through this gallery to see some of the transformations our members have gone through.

what now?

If you are a brand new, or returning member to BOMB you can check out all our introductory memberships below. If you’re interested in athletic programming for you kid, you can head over to the kids site.






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that’s the short version but…

…if you want to know more about our mission and which type of person would reap the benefits of BOMB, please read on.

the hidden illness

There’s an illness going around the world and it’s spreading like wildfire. It’s an illness that won’t condemn you to a hospital but most people have it. It’s a common disease called AVERAGE a.k.a not living up to your potential.

Thankfully, the cure for AVERAGE is embracing this simple philosophy...

Health and fitness is the baseline for everything.

Fitness Pyramid.png

You see, being fit and healthy does not work in isolation. It manifests and infects every area of your life.

You’ll have better relationships with your children, better sex with your spouse – or maybe actually have sex with them for the first time in ages.

You’ll become more creative and driven at work or in your business. Colleagues will actually start to like you! “What’s up with Jennifer these days? Who extracted her head from her ass?”

You’ll become more alert and see things that, in the past, you may have automatically overlooked or rejected. Like finally reading that book with the fancy words in it.

You’ll inspire others to do the same. “Wow John, you look awesome; how did you lose all that weight?”

Your children will respect and look up to you. You’ll finally be the role model and leader that they need.

After one mom lost 15lbs in one of our 30 day weight loss challenges, unprovoked, her kid turned to her at the dinner table, grabbed her hand and said “Mom… I’m proud of you.”

How awesome would that be to hear? (It's also a great reminder that kids are always watching and noticing).

And we’re not just saying stuff – it’s been proven time and time again using scientific evidence and more importantly, our hands-on experience.

Don’t get us wrong, our first priority is to get you physical results – lose weight, burn fat and build strength. But when you make health and fitness a priority it will optimize your life across the board.

You WILL love training here if... 

You’ve never felt at home at a regular gym

You will be training alongside exceptional humans in a warm and supportive environment. Our instructors and members are cool, down-to-earth people who will bring out the best in you. Our tagline could read “No Assholes” but we don’t think the neighbourhood would appreciate that on our sign.  

You’re excited about the convenience of done-for-you programming.

All our programs are created for you and all our classes are set-up and ready to go. This means you can leave the stressors of home knowing that when you walk in for your sessions everything will be ready for you. All you have to do is work as hard as you can for the level you are at, and then go home to rest and get on with your life.

You WON'T love training here if... 

You’re an earplugs-in-and-go type of person.

It’s cool to have the focus and motivation to train on your own but we’re an inclusive, family-oriented gym where members not only like to meet other people but get the vibe, camaraderie and atmosphere that only a group can create. 

You’re after the cheapest possible option. 

For each session you do at BOMB, you’ll have an experienced, qualified trainer, a welcoming atmosphere, a program to complete and everything is done for you. This is highly focused coaching that takes a lot of work and to keep this level of service and attention we must charge an appropriate price. 

In saying that, we are still far cheaper than other training gyms like F45, Crossfit or Orange Theory.

You expect coaches to shout and spit in your face.

We love to motivate you but take a very different coaching approach. It’s encouraging but more welcoming. One that tries to stir intrinsic motivation, just enough so that you become self-sufficient and maybe not even need us any more! 

So, if you need a drill sergeant or a vanity coach complimenting how slippy your biceps look, sorry, you won’t find that here.  

“I joined six years ago without being completely sure what I was signing up for. As a runner, I wanted to join a gym to build strength over the winter while I was running less. I got more than I could have possibly imagined.

The coaches are extremely welcoming and encouraging. They always get you to push your limits and each class is always something new. If you’re looking for a supportive community to help you reach your fitness goals then you should go try out Bomb Fitness.”
— Katherine Y

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