The Gulf of Mexico

When you hit retirement, what's the first thing you're going to do? Sit down and give War & Peace a go? Spend more time with your grandkids and pretend to know what a Billie Eilish is? (1) Or will you reminisce about the good ol' days when the Dead Sea was merely sick?

When we asked BOMB members Bob and Maureen (aged 60+) they told us they were going to cycle the Gulf of Mexico. We thought, great, they're going to fly to Florida, hire a couple of bikes, wrestle a few 'gators and have a ball doing it.

But we misheard. "We're going to jump on our bikes in Toronto and cycle TO the Gulf of Mexico." Dubya-tee-eff!

Here's what Bob told us in his own words...

"Hey Guys, Maureen and I have been members for 10 months now. This may be a short span in comparison to the tenure of some of your long time members but it has been a noteworthy period for us and I wanted to let you know why (how?).

We were in pretty good shape for a couple of seniors (+60) but your instructors (mostly Andrea and Jennifer) have really made us strong and ready for an adventure. So we’re taking this fitness on the road and going to bicycle down to the Gulf of Mexico in a couple of weeks.

This time we are making our way south from our home in the Beach, along the infamous Underground Railroad route which black slaves took to freedom at the turn of the 20th century. We will follow the route in reverse, seeking out the historical places and stories of this 3200 km route.

Just wanted to say thanks - we enjoyed the ass-kicking (or at least the results) and will see you in late November."

One thing's for sure, we want to be Bob & Maureen when we grow up. You can follow the adventure on their blog. We wish them all the best!

Kevin & Victoria

(1) We're guessing, maybe a baby insect.