If you’re looking to lose weight, get a little bit stronger, or simply feel better than you do right now, then you must join our popular and effective Transformation Challenge program. It runs just four times per year and is the best introduction to our studio.

Here are some of the great results BOMB members have been getting with this program...

Alice B - Before and After.jpg

alice lost 22lbs…

…and another 40lbs after.

Shane - Before & After.jpg

SHANE lost 10lbs…

…and another 20lbs after.


elita lost 10lbs…

…and got definition!

Here's What You Get...

💥 30 days access to an unlimited number of group exercise classes at all three locations. Choose from ~100 per week.

💥 An opening and closing intake session which includes creating a game plan and optional measurement taking.

💥 A delicious done-for-you 7-day meal plan (and vegetarian meal plan) with full recipes & shopping list.

💥 Access to 5 (yes, five!) online and in-person workshops that will make living a healthier life that much easier.

💥 A private weekly challenge-only class (at Danforth).

💥 Access to a private accountability & support group led by our fantastic BOMB trainers.

💥 A gourmet swag bag upon completion of the weekly challenges you'll face. 

💥 A chance to win the grand prize worth up to $300 - based on adherence and accountability, not weight/measurements lost.

💥 A kitchen sink. No, you won't win that but you’ll quickly see that we throw everything into this challenge BUT the kitchen sink.


💣 You! The one with the cookie in your mouth as you read this. It's for you, and anyone else who needs help to get back in shape post-summer.

💣 If you're fed up with having zero energy or just want to feel a bit better than you do now.

💣 If you need help to lose the first or last 8-10lbs, or wish to drop a dress size or two.  


frequently asked questions

Q. Are there any pre-requisites to the challenge? Do I need to be in some kind of shape?

A. Nope! We’re known for appealing to people who might be slightly green when it comes to health and fitness and to those who haven’t worked out in a bit.

The only vital thing to have is a little patience. Some can be overwhelmed with the change and bail out. As long as you’re prepared to take it slow (if need be) and are not quick to judge yourself too harshly, then you’ll be fine.

Q. How does the challenge work?

A few days before the challenge starts you’ll receive a detailed email with all the next steps. The tl;dr is that you can come to an unlimited amount of classes for 30 days. We’ll provide you with a meal plan (and a vegetarian plan) that you can follow or just pull healthy recipes from. Each week we’ll set you a challenge to complete. There will be a Discussion Group, some educational lessons, and regular emails with support. We will also be tracking your progress behind-the-scenes.

Q. Are there special classes exclusive to this challenge?

Yes! We will have at least one class per week that is Challenge-Only so that you can meet other people going through the same journey. The intake sessions at the beginning and end are also exclusive.

We also want to treat you as a member right from the start. And that means you can also join the regular classes with our awesome, kind and caring members.

Our coaches are also highly skilled at making sure beginners to advanced exercisers are getting everything they can from the class - safely and effectively.

Q. Am I locked in to anything beyond this challenge?

Nope. This is a one-month trial with no long-term commitment. But we hope that you love it so much that you stay a while - so we can grow old and healthy together.

Q. How do I qualify as a new member?

If you haven’t been a member of BOMB within the last 12 months then you’d be considered a new member and get the new member price.

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