The Sliding Teacup

We're about 8% of the way through 2019 already. How's those New Year, New You (ugh, are we still using this term?!) coming along?

We find that 4-6 week period, where you are deep into an attempted transformation, is where things begin to wobble.

The tea cup slides towards the edge of the table.

The ship steers mightily close to the iceberg.

A highly-elected official enters "Ashley Madison" on Google and hovers their finger above the “Enter” button.

Suddenly, you realize you've picked the wrong target to aim for.

A quick fix is to start thinking about performance goals rather than superficial ones.

Superficial goals, such as losing weight or inches, are usually emotional and can consume us. Performance goals are a bit cooler and can take this pressure away.

Consider training for a 5km race, or one of those muddy obstacle courses.

Consider trying to deadlift 1.5-2x your bodyweight with barbell club or semi-private training.

Try to do 50 push-ups, or modified push-ups, every day for a month.

See what happens.

Because the magic, little droogies, is in the side effects.

Those emotional goals like fat loss, more energy for your kids, your partner jumping on your loins again... usually show up as you head towards those performance goal achievements.

And mentally, it's a relief. No worrying about scales or how tight your jeans feel.

So what performance goals can light you up and keep driving you forward into 2019?

Book a complimentary, no-waterboarding-until-you-sign-up-for-a-membership strategy session and tell us all about them!

Kevin & Victoria

P.S. Our clubs are looking ahead to their performance race season. The running club, East Side Snails, are looking at 5km, 10km and above races. Newbies and non-members are always welcome and it's just $50 per year!