Like our gym, our running game is a mix of serious fun and great results. The running community is made up of beginners and intermediate runners, running 5km to marathon distances. 

As of December 1st, our classy little running group is upping its game and offering a full coaching program for runners on the east side of Toronto. And while our shit-hot coaches are worth the drive, we are targeting the hyper-local runner who is interested in getting faster, running longer, and enjoying some cheeky conversation along the way.

What makes this running club different?
The East Side Snails are a network of fun runners who try not to take themselves too seriously. We will bend over backwards to help you reach your goals. We’ll help keep you motivated to stay off the couch, and have a plan of attack for when you are ready to tackle a new challenge. Our calendar includes races here in Toronto, weekends away, obstacle races, and could even include a wife-carrying contest, if that’s what the team wants.
Our runs might end at a brewery, but we keep getting there faster and faster.

I like to run alone. Why should I be a member of a running club? 
Some people find solo running therapeutic, and some people would rather saw off their own foot before hitting the pavement alone.

Whether it’s your schedule or your desire for solitude that keeps you running without a pack, being a member of a club has its perks:

  • Coordinated races means having someone to hold your things while you use the port-a-potty.

  • Meet fellow runners and learn from their mistakes. For example, learn what to eat before your race so you don’t end up having a follow-through on the course.

  • You have an excuse to match outfits with people and look really cool.

Robbie Burns Race.jpg

Do I need to be a member of BOMB to join East Side Snails?
Nope.  You'll have access to the studio to store your things during the run, but we won't lock up up in a room and force you to join.

Can I run with the group if I am not a club member? 
Yes.  We encourage you to come out for a run or two to make sure it's the right fit for you.  

I'm looking to run my first 5k, can I still join?
Yes.  BUT, you might want to hop in to one of our Learn to Run clinics to start. We run them 3x/year, and it is a good opportunity to get started with a great group of people.

How do I Join? 
Membership to the East Side Snails is just $49/year and runs from January 1st to December 31st. You get:

  • An ultra-cool ESS t-shirt and discounts on coordinated running gear.

  • Access to a Snails-only Facebook group to coordinate runs and fun.

  • Discounted running clinics and access to individualized training plans.

  • At least 1 team run every week. (Right now, they’re at 7pm on Mondays at Danforth)

  • Seasonal skills workshops to help you become a better runner.