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The Quick Hit

Semi-Private Training (SPT) is a program where up to 4 people work with a dedicated trainer, progressing towards a goal such as weight loss, fat loss, strength, or sports specific gains. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week on top of your choice of unlimited group fitness classes.


  • Intake Session - weight, measurements, movement, and form screen with adjustments.

  • One superstar coach for every session.

  • Personalized Program - including all progressions and any individual alterations.

  • All the benefits of a group fitness membership - private Facebook group, t-shirt, bring-a-friend for free, skill workshops, 10% off at Pomarosa Cafe, discounted event pricing and more.

  • Idris Elba and Scarlett Johanson, wrapped up in a little bow, serving ice cream.

Individualized meal plan with recipes and shopping lists are available for a small extra fee.

Why Semi-Private Training?

Semi-Private Training is the fastest growing fitness program and it's easy to see why...

Affordable - Money should never be the deciding factor when it comes to your health, but every little bit helps.  And in that way, semi-private training can cost as little as half the price of regular one-on-one personal training. This makes it more affordable, and also more sustainable. Shelling out $700+ per month for one-on-one attention is great, but if your furnace explodes or a crisis comes up, training is usually the first thing to go.

Results - This study found that the camaraderie and social bonding of small groups led people to get even greater results. It's much better to smash a personal best with a group there to encourage you and give you a high-five salute afterwards.  Working with a smaller, connected group actually means BETTER results than a one on one session...you just might have to put your own weights away.

Programming & Progression - Each of our sessions are individually programmed and progressed over time. We record all your sets and reps and change your program accordingly. You'll never get bored and will always have a new goal to conquer.

We’ll even send you programs when you’re out-of-town for work.

  • Initial 6-month commitment then month-to-month.

  • Sessions don’t rollover month-to-month but if you are struggling to make it in due to the week from hell, we'll do our best to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck every month.  This includes making sure that you have a level-appropriate home workout if you just can't make it in unlimited access to our group classes and the option to


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one-on-one training

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Mix in with other awesome humans and enjoy unlimited access to more than 100 classes per week at three convenient east end locations.