A Weight Loss Tip From Stephen King's It

Do you remember the made-for-TV version of IT? It's a story about six kids who battle a shape-shifting clown and then “IT” returns to terrorize them as adults.

If you watched the movie between the ages of 13-20 it probably holds a special place in your heart.

Watching it now, however, it has not dated well. The acting is pretty awful and that ridiculous spider at the end! What were they thinking!?

But it’s still great and brings back memories of watching it under the covers on VHS or a shitty late-night cable channel.

That’s what nostalgia does to us – splatters us with the inability to separate the quality of something versus how it made us feel.

The film is based on the book by Stephen King – and by book we mean doorstop – 1,100+ pages long.

Anyway, there’s a chapter that explains how one of the kids - plump and constantly bullied - decided to get skinny. Enter Asshole Gym Teacher…


“I got a football team to coach, and basketball, and track, and somewhere in between I’ve got swimming team. So I’ll just say it once. You’re fat up here.”

And he tapped my forehead right where his damned whistle had bonked me.

“That’s where everybody’s fat. You put what’s between your ears on a diet and you’re going to lose weight. But guys like you never do.”


Now the coach is a huge dick, but he’s on to something about putting your brain on a diet.

When we have an urge to passionately change something – like diet or exercise – we tend to overthink it.

And when we do start the transformation, we over-analysis every little detail before we’ve even given ourselves the chance to begin.

We get too smart for our boots.

Add in every vibration, ping and a kid tugging on a pant leg, all vying for your attention, it’s no wonder our brains explode as we struggle to meditate for two minutes.

And it’s no wonder our brains itch to check our phones as we watch our kid’s soccer game.

Maybe the solution is to put our brain on a diet. Especially for things that are necessary but that you’re not super into.

Bringing it back to health and fitness – that’s what we try to do. To keep it simple as possible and done-for-you as much as we can.

Instead of going to the gym and wondering what you’re going to do, you can show up to an already organized program. You try your best while you are there, then on to the next thing.

Instead of wondering what’s for dinner tonight, you have a recipe to follow. If you batch everything, it will all be ready to go.

Prepare it. Eat it. Forget about it.

So take some time to think about things that need to get done but is not in your 5% - the things you have (or like) to do.

Then work out how you can outsource the rest.

Kevin & Victoria

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