Feeling Better Than Ever Before

Shane has come SO far since he first joined Bomb! Having him in every morning class down at the Beach is really awesome -- he humbly motivates others, and is always a welcoming smile and energy for new members to feed off.

Not only has he gained so much strength from when he first started, he has also noticed a great positive difference in his life outside of Bomb: 

"I have been with Bomb since it opened in the Beach - a regular on weekdays. I love the daily variety of exercises and programs offered.  Living with a thyroid condition, workouts were never an easy task for me.

Prior to doing regular exercise and having a balanced diet as part of my lifestyle, it took me years to regulate my thyroid hormones.  Nowadays, I enjoy my newfound energy and excellent health from this exercise routine; and losing weight is just an added bonus.

I have lost 30 lbs since my first day at Bomb and feel better now than I've ever felt before."

Keep it up, Shane! You are a great inspiration to the Bomb family.


Shane - Before & After.jpg