Keep Your Head Up, Kid

Coaching kids is a huge part of BOMB and this week we were reminded of this little nugget from the book Thanks for the Feedback.

"Speaking of little boys [or girls], when yours gets off the bus crying because a kid called him stupid, don't tell him he's not. That's just asking him to choose between your story and the mean kid's story.

Help him find his own story in which to stand. Help him think through the actual evidence. What might be going on with the other kid and what is actually true. If he can see for himself that he's not stupid, then he'll see that someone else's saying so, doesn't make it so."

Building a growth mindset like this and developing confidence and self-efficacy is a huge focus of our kids programs.

If you're interested, registration has opened for our Fall after school program at Danforth & Beach schools.

There's also a $239 weekly summer camp deal that ends on May 31st, 2019. Summer camp is available at all three locations.