The Beginning of Life 2.0

It takes, on average, 66 days to form a new habit (science!).

When Jason Bell looks back at his first 66 days at Bomb, he likes to think of them as the beginning of “Life 2.0”.  A lot changed in those 66 days and beyond.

Jason went from an activity level of zero, to exercising every morning.  From being sluggish and bloated to feeling great and full of energy.  From eating all the food, to choosing quality over quantity.  He also lost 45 pounds and saw improvements in his health across the board in his before and after blood work.

I mean, WOW!  I think we can all agree that this is a pretty amazing transformation.

But what I think is even more amazing is how Jason arrived at Day One of his journey.  Jason spent his thirties thinking about how he’d like to get healthy by the time he was 40.

But eventually, 40 came and went, and the only thing that had really changed was his waistline. It wasn’t until his third baby was born that he realized it was time for him to act.  He knew that the best thing he could do for his kids was to live a long and healthy life.  

So he, and his wonderful wife Michelle (who is down 20 pounds herself!!), sat down and started planning for the future of their family.

They scheduled physicals.  They researched life insurance.  And they started looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle. I happened to be at the desk the day Michelle walked in to Bomb for the first time.

Like many new members she had lots of questions and was a bit apprehensive about getting started, but she quickly set aside her anxiety and registered herself and Jason for the Weight Loss Challenge, which started that day!

I took her measurements on the spot and she booked a time for Jason to come that evening, warning me that he wasn’t yet totally sold on the idea. When I asked him about that, he gave Michelle all the credit.  She pushed him into the pool and he had no choice but to start swimming.  High five Michelle!

It's now been about four months since the Bells took the plunge.  I asked Jason what keeps him motivated.  He talked about his fitness tracker and the push he gets seeing what other members are capable of.

But what he truly relies on is some advice from his doctor.  She told him to focus on reflection, resilience and restraint.  These three Rs are Jason’s new life mantra.  They help him stay mindful of how his daily choices impact his health.  They keep him from giving up when he hits a stumbling block.  And they give him room to enjoy a balanced life.

Of all the ways Jason’s life has changed since last May, the thing he is most proud of is the example he’s setting for his kids. He loves when they ask questions about the gym and the encouragement they give him to keep working hard. He hopes his example will start his kids on the path towards are lifetime of healthy, active living.  And we can’t wait till they are old enough to join him in class!


Jason - Before & After.jpg