A brand new course covering mindset, better nutrition, and better training, so that you can create an environment where you can motivate yourself.

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💥 30 days of unlimited classes at all locations.

💥 Access to the Mash-Up’s 4-week email and video course. This includes a private discussion and accountability group.

💥 Access to two skills worskhops in October and November.

Reasons why this course may be perfect for you...

💣  You had good intentions for 2019 but it’s drawing to a close and so your new year’s resolutions are shaking faster than a second hand fridge.

💣  Maybe you just need a fresh, kick-start to reinvigorate your healthy habit plan.

💣   You want to geek out and get into the nuance of true self-motivation with better eating and training habits.

It's the perfect mash-up of motivational science and actually acting on things you learn.

what you will learn

💥 The true science of what motivates us and how to put it into action. Unfortunately it’s not a magical weekend Goop or Tony Robbins seminar. Those things may renew you, but we’ll show you what really sticks.

💥 The three factors that will inspire you to think about long-term health as opposed to the next quick fix.

💥 Strategies to conquer nightly cravings.

💥 How to plan your meals effectively without using the Hail Mary all-or-nothing approach.

💥 Subtle adjustments you can make to improve your squat, lunge, deadlift, row, push-ups, and planks (video). All things you can do at home.

what this course is not

👎🏼 A woo-woo motivational course where we all vape weed around a campfire giving each other naked hugs and chanting ancient mantras. As fun as that sounds we want to make this course actionable based on shit that works. So we want you to move your feet as much as you pray.

👎🏼 A voyeur course. 95% of people never finish an online course and around 80% never apply anything that they learn. Sure, you can read along and use the information in the future but we don’t want you to sit and look at it. We want you to participate.

What you will get

On top of the 30 days of unlimited classes at all locations, you will get…

💥 At least 3 emails per week to help you create an environment where you can motivate yourself to eat better and we’ll include short video tips to help you train better.

💥 Weekly challenges where you’ll be able to pick ones that you think are possible to achieve. We’ll also check in with you to see how you’re doing with them.

💥 A Discussion and Accountability Group where we’ll delve into finer details of mindset, nutrition and training. You can also ask any questions here.

💥 24/7 email support. Sure, we probably won’t be answering a 4am email straight away but you can send us a message any time and we’ll help you as much as we can.

💥 Lots and lots of cheesy BOMB explosion emojis and mild cursing!

the mash-up logo.jpg

Sign up for the notification list to get this program at the lowest possible price.