Ah, summer. A time to enjoy the Canadian outdoors – cottaging, kayaking, barbecuing, camping, and semi-naked foam parties! Okay, maybe that last one takes place only at Wasaga Beach.

Navigating a healthy summer is tough. You don't want to have a boring one - eating char-grilled cucumber out of a pre-packed plastic tub, but you don't want to be chowing down meat choking in barbecue sauce every day either.

You also don't want to be stuck inside on a running machine, but a camp chair seat, formed by your own butt cheeks, isn't the solution either.

We have a summer plan that won't destroy your body, or eliminate all the hard work you’ve done this year, but it will leave room for you to enjoy the delights of the grill and the taste of refreshing cocktails.

It's a plan where we take care of you when you're in town and then give you another plan when you're not.

It's a plan with healthier recipes for the grill and cleaner ingredients for your margaritas.

So that when you turn the fitness dial back up in September, you won't feel like you've aged ten years over summer, or feel the need to give your belly a cute nickname.

 what you get

  • 68 days of unlimited group fitness classes, from the last day of school, to the first day of school (Friday, June 27th to Tuesday, September 3rd 2019).

  • 2x Cottage Workouts to do while you are on vacation.

  • Weekly emails filled with healthy barbecue grills, cleaner alcoholic drinks and cocktails, and bonus exercises.

  • You'll save $120 off the regular price ($399). In fact, the early bird price is cheaper than two months at BOMB without any bonuses.

  • Access to the private BOMB Fitness Unlimited Members group.

  • Access to classes at all three locations - 1502-1504 Danforth Ave (@ Coxwell) & 862 Kingston Rd (@ Beech Ave) & 1123 Broadview Ave (@ Cosburn).

  • A free band set including two strength bands and one mini-band. Easy to transport for workouts outside The BOMB (for early bird sign-ups only).

Early bird pricing, and FREE band set, ends on Monday, June 24th 2019.

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Q. I’m gone for a few weeks during summer. Is this still worth it? Can I put the membership on hold?

A. There are no holds for this membership but it’s priced to take into account for those weeks that you may be away from Toronto. The package also includes away workouts and a band set so that you’ll be able to keep moving well when you’re on vacation.

Q. Okay then, what’s the name for your cute belly?

A. Bob.