What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapists (ATs) are best known for their quick-thinking, on-field emergency care of professional and elite athletes.  ATs are the first to respond when someone gets hurt on the field and they are experts at injury assessment and rehabilitation.  The mix of on-site care and active rehabilitation skills makes Athletic Therapists very effective in treating the musculoskeletal injuries.

Athletic Therapists rehabilitate injuries using the sports medicine model which focuses on the patient taking an active approach to rehabilitate their orthopedic injury.  This results in a faster return to work and play and fewer visits to the Athletic Therapist. Certified Athletic Therapists can be recognized by the credential CAT(c).

Who do Athletic Therapists Help?
Certified Athletic Therapists are experts in the human musculoskeletal system.  As such, the scope of practice of Athletic Therapy is a full spectrum of therapy skills and modalities including the prevention, assessment, emergency and acute care, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of injuries and conditions of the bones, muscles and joints.  

Who can call themselves an Athletic Therapist?
The CATA’s certification process is stringent.  In addition to completing a Bachelors degree, Athletic Therapists must complete the Athletic Therapy program at one of only 7 accredited education institutions in Canada. These programs include 1200 hours of on-field and in-clinic practical hours and the candidate must also acquire a valid First Responder certificate.  Finally, candidates must pass the written and practical portions of CATA’s national certification exam.  

On Site Athletic Therapy
Our resident athletic therapist, Sean Bawden, is on site by appointment only.  He is certified by the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association as an Athletic Therapist (AT). After receiving an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in Kinesiology, he attended Sheridan College for the AT program to become a therapist.

Sean has helped many clients achieve their personal training goals. He combines his experience as a personal trainer and athlete with his extensive knowledge as an Athletic Therapist to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Book your appointment with Sean by e-mail or call 416-903-4871 or visit www.seanbawden.com